Incorporation Services

First step in starting a new business is incorporating the right type of business entity. Various factors play an important consideration in choosing the type of entity to incorporate. It become imperative that the firm understands the clients’ needs, preferences relating to ownership structure, expected earnings and various other factors while choosing the right type of business entity. We provide incorporation services for:

Sole Proprietors


Limited Liability Company

C Corporation

S Corporation

Limited Liability Partnership

Not for Profit Organizations

Our firm understands the priorities and the situation that will best suit their requirements and accordingly provide consultation for incorporation of the company in any of the states within United States. In addition to the consultation, we also specialize in preparing set of incorporation documents with the concerned Secretary of State, reinstatement of existing corporation, adoption of assumed name, renewal of the corporation to name a few.

Sales & Use Tax/Village Tax Return

Each state governs the filing and reporting of the sales and use tax returns for the businesses operating in the particular state. Our firm specializes in preparing the sales and use tax return for all the states, which include preparation of the sales tax return, filing the sales tax return with state revenue authorities, payment of sales tax within prescribed timeline.

Our firm also specializes in preparing village tax return, which is required by the local authorities for the filing and payment of local tax return.

Certified Acceptance Agent for ITIN Applications

 Approved by IRS to act as Certified Acceptance Agent for processing ITIN applications for certain resident, non-resident aliens, spouses and dependent children. Take advantage of our Certifying Acceptance Agent services and avoid mailing original identification documents to the IRS.